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12th Computer Science Special Question Paper

Padasalai’s centum coaching team –
special question paper
Class      : XII Std                                                                                                                                                                 Max : 150Marks
Subject : Computer science                                                                                                                                         Time : 3 Hrs
      I.        Choose the correct answer:                                                                                           75 X 1 = 75
1.Which key combination brings the cursor to the end of the document?
a)end              b)down                       c)ctrl+end                  d)shift+end
2.Which one of the following is not a word processor?
a)lotus amipro           b)staroffice calc        c)word pro                 d)word perfect
3._____ option can be used to indent the line of the paragraph.
a)line              b)paragraph              c)first line                   d)line spacing
4.______ shortcut key is used to save the document.
a)alt+s                        b)shift+s                     c)ctrl+s                       d)tab+s
5.Scrolling a document does not move the________
a)arrow                       b)horizontal line       c)operator                  d)insertion point
6.The maximum point size of a font is_______
a)8                              b)48                            c)72                            d)75
7.__________ is a named set of defaults for formatting text.
a)font              b)style                                    c)bullet                       d)numbering
8.________ shortcut key is used for center alignment of a paragraph.
a)ctrl+C                      b)ctrl+E                      c)ctrl+J                       d)ctrl+R
9.The paragraph is indented by______ inch from the left margin,whenever increase indent icon is clicked.
a)1/4               b)3/4                           c)1/2                           d)1
10._____ fonts are decorative.
a)fajita                        b)arial                         c)verdana                  d)times new roman
11,______ option is very useful for correcting the spelling of the commonly misspelled words in star office writer.
a)Auto spell check                           b)Tools->spelling->check
c)Auto correct                                               d)Auto format
12.In auto correct dialog box the replacement word is typed in the____ text box.
a)Replace      b)change                   c)with                         d)replace with
13.____ command is used to delete a table.
a)Table->Delete->Table                  b)Table->Delete->Row
c)Table->Delete->column               d)Tools->delete->table
14._____ key is pressed to add a new row in a table.
a)home                      b)tab                           c)end                          d)right arrow
15.If_____ key is pressed,then only the entries are deleted in the selected table.
a)Tab              b)Backspace             c)Delete                     d)ctrl+alt
16.Which of the following is not involved in data processing?
a)Verification of data                                   b)Data collection
c)storing the data                             d)validation of data
17.The default bottom margin is_____
a)1.25 inches            b)1.5 inches              c)1 inch                      d)1.75 inches
18.In_____ orientation the length of the document is more than the width.
a)Landscape b)paper source         c)paper format          d)portrait.
19.______ option is used to change the margin of the document.
a)View->scale           b)View->ruler                        c)Edit->ruler              d)file->ruler
20.Graphic representation of numbers are known as_____
a)pictures                  b)charts                      c)font                          d)table
21.In star office calc,Non-numerical entries are called ________
a)label                        b)operators                c)text                           d)none
22.______ is a first electronic spread sheet.
a)lotus 1-2-3  b)improve                  c)visicalc                    d)Excel
23.Lotus corporation developed______
a)excel                       b)improve                  c)calc                          d)quattropro.

24._______operator does not return numerical results.
a)+                              b)%                             c)-                                d)=
25.______ function is used to find square root of a number in star office calc.
a)SQUARE   b)SOT()                      c)SORT()                   d)SQRC()
26.____ optin will print the work sheet with grids.
a)Format->sheet                                           b)Format->page
c)Format->grid                                              d)File->print->grid
27._____ cell addresses do not change when copied.
a)Relative      b)Absolute                 c)range                      d)row
28.Which of the following is not a field type in star office base?
a)Text             b)number                   c)Yes/no                    d)information
29._____ is the process of arranging the data in a table.
a)sorting                    b)Query                      c)form                         d)report
30.Databases can be classified into____ types.
a)4                              b)2                              c)5                               d)8
31.______ uniquely identifies the record in a table.
a)Tab              b)primary key            c)key                           d)record pointer
a)System Query Language                        b)Specific Query Level
c)Specific Query Language                       d)Structured Query Language
33._____ is also a type of Query.
a)filter             b)record                     c)report                       d)form
34.Spread sheet is an example for___ data base.
a)relational    b)flat-file                    c)network                   d)none
35.Filter used with a condition is called _______ filter.
a)Auto filter   b)Standard filter       c)condition filter       d)none
36.Which are combined to solve a problem in object oriented programming?
a)Data&control         b)data&variable        c)data&operations   d)none.
37.Which of the following reduces software complexity?
a)inheritance            b)polymorphism       c)encapsulation       d)abstraction
38.Which of the following is an invalid identifier?
a)sum12                    b)1rank                      c)text                           d)_text
39.The operators used only the preprocessors are________
a)#                              b)##                            c)###                          d)a&b
40.The escape sequence character to display a backslash is________
a)\\                               b)\o                             c)\v                              d)\
41.The operator ++ is called _______ operator.
a)decrement  b)integer                    c)float                         d)increment
42.How many methods are there for assigning data to the variables in c++?
a)1                              b)2                              c)3                               d)4
43.Which statement is used to terminate every action block of switch statement?
a)for                b)case                        c)break                       d)continue
44.Which is the assignment operator?
a)<                              b)= =                           c)=                               d)+ =
45.Which special character is used to represent the end of string?
a)’\o’               b)\a                             c)’o’                             d)’o\’
46.A program written in high level language is called.
a)executable code                           b)object code
c)source code                                               d)machine code
47.Which reduce the size of program?
a)Variables    b)key words               c)instructions                        d)functions
48.In call by value method,the flow of data is always from the_____ statement to the function definition.
a)declaration b)return                      c)call                           d)control
49.Which are provided to the computer by the function prototype?
a)number of argument                                b)type of argument
c)return type                                                  d)all of these

50.A variable declared above all blocks and functions has the scope of a
a)local                        b)file                           c)class                        d)function
51.The array index always starts with______
a)>o                b)zero                         c)<o                            d)none
52.Int days [ ] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7}; In this statement what is the size of the array?
a)4                              b)5                              c)6                               d)7
53.Which of the following copies source string to target string?
a)strcpy()                    b)copystr()                 c)strcopy()                  d)strc()
54.Which of the following are the parts of a class specification?
a)Pointer&arrays                              b)Arrays&functions
c)Data types&pointers                                 d)class declarations&class functions definitions
55.For which data member of a class,only one copy is credited?
a)inline                      b)private                     c)public                      d)static
56.The members of a class are a accessed using the operator______
a)comma(,)    b)dot(.)                        c)plus(+)                    d)semicolon(;)
57.Which member variable’s initial value is done outside the class?
a)extern                     b)register                   c)static                        d)auto
58.The private data of a class can be accessed only through______ function.
a)void             b)inline                      c)friend                      d)all of these
59.Which is referred as a key feature of object oriented programming?
a)data hiding            b)encapsulation       c)object                      d)data members
60.Which class inherits the properties of the base class?
a)new class   b)derived class         c)old class                 d)none
61.The return type of overloaded functions________
a)must be different type                  b)may or may not be same data type
c)must be same datatype                d)none
62.To concatenate string use the fuction______
a)strcat()                     b)strein()                    c)strcpy()                    d)strcon()
63,The constructor without parameters is called______
a)operator constructor                                 b)function constructor
c)method constructor                                  d)default constructor
64.Which of the following functions return nothing?
a)inline                      b)friend                      c)member                  d)constructor&destructor
65.add (add&a) is called_______ constructor.
a)parameters constructor                b)object
c)copy                                                            d)default
66.Constructor should be declared under the scope_______
a)private                     b)protected                c)pointer                    d)public
67.The advantage of inheritance is are_______
a)consistency of inheritance                     b)code sharing
c)reusability of code                                    d)all of these
68.When a class is derived by private access specifier,the public members of base class are inherited as _______ of derivated class.
a)public members                                        b)private members
c)protected members                                   d)none
69.A class from which other classes are derived is called.
a)sub class    b)derived class         c)base class              d)method class
70.How many percentage of computer usages is “word prcessing”?
a)90%             b)75%                         c)60%                         d)85%
71.Which features allow to sing along with the audio coming from the original source?
a)archive units         b)book shelf              c)kara-oke                 d)memo frame
72.Which of the following have ensured that many traditional services are IT enabled?
a)data bases b)word processors   c)spread sheets        d)all of these
73.Which is critical for success of ITES?
a)computer crime                             b)computer virus
c)computer time                                            d)computer ethics
74.In which period, many universities introduced format course in computer ethics?
a)1970’s                     b)1980’s                     c)1960’s                     d)1990’s
75.Which of the following laws prevent computer crimes in India?
a)IPC              b)legal                        c)computer                d)cyber
    II.        Answer any twenty questions in one or two sentences each                               20 X 2 = 40
76.How to work with multiple documents in star office writer?
77.What is meant by header and footer?
78.List any four advantages of electronic spreadsheet?
79.Write a note on date arithmetic feature of star office calc with example.
80.What is primary key? Give example.
81.Write a note on Data Base Management System?
82.What are the classifications of 2-D animation? Explain them.
83.Write a note on inline sound and video.
84.What is slide transition?
85.How to insert, delete slide in presentation?
86.Define polymorphism?
87.Write a short note on identifiers in c++?
88.List any four punctuators in C++ and write a line about them.
89.Write a note on impact of modifiers in c++.
90.Write a note on brief note on break statement.
91.Give the general syntax and example for function prototype.
92.Write a note on write() in c++.
93.Explain the memory representation of 2-D arrays.
94.Define data hiding?
95.Write a note on static data members in c++.
96.How are functions invoked in function overloading?
97.List the functions of constructor.
98.List the advantages of inheritance.
99.What is meant by e-banking.
100.What is meant by theft of computer time?

   III.        Answer any seven of the following questions :                                                         7 X 5 = 35
101.How to carry out spell check after the entire documents is typed?
102.How will you change the margin using page style dialog box?
103.Explain how to insert objects in Star Office Calc worksheet.
104.How to generate a series of values using spreadsheet in Star Office Calc.
105.Explain the various steps involved in manipulation of database.
106.Explain entry-check loop with suitable example
107.Explain call by reference with suitable example.
108.List the rules for operator overloading.
109.Debug the following C++ program:
            Class base
                    {      cout<<”\n Constructor of base”;        }
                   {       cout<<”\r, Destructor of base”;          }
            Class derived::put lic_base
                        {     cout<<”\n Constructor of derived”;       }
                        {     cout<<”\n Destructor of derived”;         };
         Class derived publicly derived2
                           {    cout<<”\n Constructor of derived2”;     }
                              Cout<<’\n Destructor of derived2”;       }
          Void base()
            {      x.derived2; x1.derive;     };

110.Write the output for the following program:
        Class add
                  Int num1, num2, sum;
                  Add (int s1, int s2)
                  {     num1=s1;     
                  {     num1=a.num1;
                Void addition()
                Void put()
                Void main()
                   {    clrscr();
                          Add b(10,20), c(b);
                          c.addition(); b put();    

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